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Providing deluxe motor coach bus transportation throughout Tampa Bay, Florida, USA, and Canada. We specialize in transportation for custom tours, local and long distance charters, and cruise ship passengers. We can assist you with all aspects of travel.


#110 - 2001 (w/ 2012 refurbishment) Van Hool T2145, 57+1 seats, 5 LCD flat panel monitors with DVD, AM/FM stereo, wired PA system, GPS navigation, sunshades, reclining seats, rear window, and clean restroom.   Refurbished in Sept 2012 to like new standards.

#120 -  2013 Temsa TS-35. 40 seats, 4 widescreen 15.4" LCD flat monitors with in-motion Satellite TV and DVD with auxiliary HDMI media input to video system, AM/FM/CD, wired and wireless PA system, GPS navigation, reclining seats with 3 point seat belts, overhead storage, under floor baggage, rear window, individual 110v outlets, and yes, a restroom.

New #120 - 2016 Temsa TS-45 ADA lift. 56 seats, 6 widescreen 15.4" LCD flat monitors with in-motion Satellite TV and DVD with auxiliary HDMI media input to video system, AM/FM/CD, wired and wireless PA system, GPS navigation, reclining seats with 3 point seat belts, overhead storage, under floor baggage, rear window, individual 110v outlets with USB, and restroom.


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We are a small business and every prospective customer is very important to us. You will not be just another number in our database like other larger companies, you are our friends. We develop a close, personal relationship with our clients which helps them to feel appreciated and important, because they are! Of course, we are willing to go the "extra mile" to help our friends find the best deal possible.

We provide deluxe motorcoach bus transportation through out the USA and Canada. We are proud, longstanding member of the United Motorcoach Association. What makes us different from most other motorcoach companies? We have a division with experienced travel agents, licensed to sell any aspect of travel. We not only provide you with comfortable transportation for groups, in late model European-styled motorcoaches, but can also assist you with every aspect of your motorcoach trip. We are a licensed and bonded, certified travel agency. We can help you reserve hotel rooms, sightseeing tours, arrange group flights, get trip protection coverage, and any other aspect of travel you need. Our motorcoaches have nationwide GPS navigation, AM/FM/CD stereo, DVD, VCR, Satellite TV*, reclining seats, clean-flushing toilet, air conditioning, sunshades*, and more (*some models).


With the current push of everyone to be eco-conscious, what does Travel Lovers do to be "Green"?

We do our best to contribute to the environment's health by reducing the carbon footprint of traveling groups.  You see, traveling by charter bus is the most ecologically sound method of transportation available.  We reduce road-way traffic by removing as many as 57 cars off the road, for each trip.  The carbon footprint of a single diesel charter bus is significantly smaller than the many cars it would take to move the same number of people.  In fact a passenger on a charter bus uses 85% less fuel, than a passenger in a Hybrid car.  Plus, our carbon dioxide output is a whole lot less than a loaded jet-liner, the vehicles you'd have to rent or use, once you got to your destination, or even a train.  Especially, because we always use ultra-low sulfur content fuel, which helps keep our air cleaner.  For more details click here.  Our newest coach uses the latest EPA 2010 clean diesel technology to reduce exhaust emissions including a Diesel Particulate Filter and Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


I have a contract, can my price change?

The only reason you would be subject to a rate increase is because of the constantly changing fuel prices.  Because of the volatility of diesel fuel prices, we reserve the right to add a nominal fuel surcharge (typically, 2-10%) to help cover a substantial fuel price increase.  We will examine average fuel costs available along your route, about 3 weeks in advance of departure to determine surcharge rate.  However, with a signed and deposited contract, your hourly, daily, or mileage rate will be protected from any "across the board" increases. If fuel prices substantially go back down prior to your trip, the fuel surcharge may be removed and refunded.


We have contracted and paid for a coach, however there is a Tropical Storm/Hurricane approaching that may force us to not travel.  Will we lose our money?

When there is a "named storm" encroaching on the area you intend to travel through or to, you absolutely will not lose your money.  Cancellation terms are "tossed out" and you will receive 100% credit or refund, for all money paid (less any expenses already paid to vendors, i.e., hotel costs, insurance, permits, parking, etc., unless recovered), only if: Your travel path or destination is within the Hurricane Center's projected path cone, and the storm will effect the area at the time of travel, and your trip has not yet departed.  Also, during hurricane season, because of the possible need to assist Local, State, and Federal government before, during, or after a declared weather emergency, we reserve the right to substitute a partner company running comparable equipment or cancel and refund all money paid to us.


How far in advance should I make reservation?

This is classically the case, "the sooner, the better."  We have many, very busy periods when dates are booked well in advance.  In order to get the best choice of dates, the further in advance you reserve the better your chances of getting the dates you want.


Does a lower price mean a better deal?

Not necessarily. There are so many companies that "low ball" prices to win your immediate business, but they won't be around long. It costs the same to operate most comparable coaches. You will see that most reputable companies will be within $5-10/hr of each other. If you find someone that is much lower, beware! They are likely skimping somewhere else, such as maintenance, insurance, driver training, or equipment. For example, you may be quoted a "good" price, but end up with a much older coach that smokes and sputters up to it's max highway speed of 55mph, the AC some times works, and it may or may not have a VCR/DVD player that displays on it's two black and white monitors. Bad thing is, you may not know your getting this coach, until it pulls up.  Not such a good deal. There are some companies that "bait and switch" you, displaying a new bus (which may not even be owned by them at all) on their website but sending their old ones to your trip. With us, you get modern, well maintained equipment, with amenities for your comfort and pleasure, at a fair price. Why go anywhere else?


There is a "charter bus" company from Los Angeles (or Chicago or New York, etc) offering a better rate for a bus out of the Tampa Bay area.  How come they offer a better rate than you?

The first part should be an indicator there could be issues.  How can an "out of area" company offer you a charter bus locally? The answer, they are BROKERS!  They most likely don't own any coaches locally, or at all, and are re-booking you with a local, "low bid" bus company. Is that a problem?  It can be, because many low bid companies can accept such cheap prices because they are running much older, not as nicely equipped or maintained coaches (see question above). You won't truly know what bus company you are dealing with until they show up, as the local bid companies are not permitted to contact you directly and the brokers won't tell you.  Problems you may encounter is, you might have special needs that don't get conveyed to the operator, or they have special on-board rules, that you don't hear about.  Questions you should ask any and all bus charter companies is, "Can we come to your office and see your coaches?", "Do you have proper insurance and operating authority in ALL of the states we're traveling?", "Can you provide evidence of such?", and "Are you the owner of the coach(es) we're traveling on?"  If they answer no, you should strongly reconsider booking with them or get a very good explanation.  Here's another hint:  If they don't have actual photos of their coaches with their company name printed on the side (not photo shopped) on their website, they most likely don't own those or perhaps, any coaches.  You can and should always verify your bus company's operating authority, safety record, and insurance at Enter their name or USDOT number and verify they have an AUTHORIZED operating status, have a satisfactory safety rating in the bottom "Review" section. Then click on License and Insurance and pull a report to verify they have a minimum of $5 million "Insurance on File", as required by Federal Law.  If they don't appear, or don't have all of these things in place, you should seriously reconsider using that carrier, as they may be an illegal operation.


Are you insured and have full federal operating authority?

Yes, we are.  That is a question you should ask every bus company.  We exceed the state minimum requirement of $5 million for insurance and have full federal authority to operate anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Proof of insurance is available upon request, or you can check us at the link just above.  Our US DOT # is 1176208.


Why should I be concerned about whether my bus is licensed for movie play?

Have you read the FBI note at the beginning of all pre-recorded videos or DVDs?  Some companies play movies without purchasing a license for "non-home" viewing, hoping to never get caught; and well, they may not.  But if they do, fines can be assessed in excess of $50,000 per movie played.  If you brought the movie, do you think the company will absorb that cost or try to get it from you?


How long can we drive for in one day?

Federal Law stipulates that a single driver may drive for no more than 10 hours or be on duty for no more than 15 hours each day, with a minimum of 8 hours off in between days.  If your itinerary requires more time of your driver, you will be required to pay for an additional driver on the trip or to modify your itinerary.  Also, for safety reasons and to avoid driver fatigue from sleep inversion, we do not allow a departure of more than 5 hours driving between 9pm and 4am. Typical rule is no operation between 12:00am and 5:00am, with very few exceptions.  See the final question below for details.


Can we bring food and drinks?

On all our coaches, it can be arranged for food and drinks (drinks in re-sealable, leak proof containers only) to be permitted.  A payment of a refundable $250 damage deposit will be required, if anything other than bottled water is to be consumed on the coach.  No exceptions.  At no time do we allow any gum on board.  We will, of course, always make regular stops for "off bus" snacking, meals, and breaks.


We are staying overnight.  Do we have to provide a room and meals for the driver?

All overnight trips require the group to provide a private room for the driver, however, meals are not required to be provided. We ask for one non-smoking room, per coach.


What is your payment and cancellation policy?

We require only a 15% deposit, within 7 days of reservations, to hold the dates.  Final payment is due 21 days prior to departure.  Cancellations up to 22 days, can receive full refund or credit.  Cancellations within 21 - 8 days, there is an 80% penalty, but 50% of that can be used as credit for future trips (40% of total, lost).  Cancellations within 7 days, there will be no refunds or credits (100% of total, lost).  Only, exception is a named storm effecting the route of travel or destination, you will receive 100% credit only for future date. Trip insurance is available.


Is a driver tip included and what should we tip?

Tips are not included, unless it has been pre-arranged.  We encourage groups to tip their driver for excellent service and leave the amount entirely up to the group, however, the industry standard is about 10% of trip total cost or about $1-2 per person, per day, on multi-day trips.


Who pays for parking, tolls, and other fees?

We will take care of most road tolls, however, parking fees and other extraordinary fees (i.e, state park fees, access fees, some high cost bridge tolls, etc.) incurred for your group, will be the responsibility of the group at the time the fees are incurred.


What happens if we run overtime?

We simply charge you the additional time you have the coach at your service. For instance, if you charter the bus for 12 hours and return after 13 1/2 hours, we charge 1 1/2 hours at our contracted hourly rate. We don't charge for delays because of unforeseen traffic, in route weather, or mechanical issues.  However, we expect the charterer to consider foreseeable delays (such as trying to return from Orlando to Tampa at 4-5pm), and factor that in. Any unscheduled overtime can be a burden on us, because of motorcoach and driver scheduling, and may not always be permitted.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept money orders, business, personal checks, PayPal, as well as all major credit cards.  Oh, and of course, CASH!!!.


Am I able to visit your office and look at your motorcoaches?

Absolutely, we encourage it!  Just give us a call to make sure our coaches will be available.


What happens if there is a mechanical failure or something does not work in the coach?

We pride ourselves in having very well maintained equipment with working amenities.  However, as is with anything mechanical or electronic, sometimes things work fine one minute and fail, without warning, in the next.  Be assured that we will do everything in our power to correct the situation in a timely fashion, and/or provide replacement coaches, if we determine the need for such, to continue your trip or return the group to your pickup location. Such an incident may not necessarily result in money being returned to the group, and if it does, will only be in the form of a credit for future travel.  Our responsibility to the group will not exceed the amount paid for your charter.  We are not responsible for any subsequent losses as a result of an unforeseen equipment failure, as we highly recommend trip insurance for such instances.  Unforeseen failures of audio/video equipment is not justification for a credit or refund.


We would like to depart late evening, is this acceptable?

With very few exceptions, for safety reasons we no longer permit overnight driving with passengers on all future contracts.  Please keep in mind that a driver would have to get sleep during the day and stay awake all night, for this type departure.  Some times, that can be difficult and unsafe to do.  Our priority is SAFELY conveying your group to it's destination. There is an increased risk of the driver experiencing fatigue because of a changed sleep cycle, on a coach where everyone else is sleeping and it is dark and quiet. The US Department of Transportation is encouraging bus companies to stop allowing groups to use the coaches as rolling hotels. We will do our best to accommodate a groups schedule, but we are doing our part to stop this dangerous practice.  We strongly urge that you have in mind the driver's needs too, when planning your itinerary.  All itineraries must be approved prior to departure and we will require a driver relay, if plans dictate, at a cost of $350 each way. Thus, the rule of no departures or operations of 5+ hours of driving between 9:00pm and 4:00am will apply to all future contracts. Typically we don't operate between 12am and 5am, for safety. We will be more than happy to work with you, to form a suitable schedule.










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